charles clark

charles clark is not the most unique of names, to say the least. if you are trying to determine if i'm the charles clark of your acquaintance, my full name is charles marvin clark. or maybe a short bio will help.

i was born in fort wayne, indiana on april 20, 1965, to elizabeth jane clark (formerly black) and james weir clark. a few years later my parents brought forth a sister, sarah jane clark. i have first cousins who grew up in decatur, fort wayne, and swan (noble county) indiana, and many other relatives i met while growing up, from pennsylvania to chicago, but mostly in indiana. my grandparents were john and laura clark on my father's side, porter and pauline black on my mother's side. john and laura lived in sun city center and tampa, florida (and other places prior to my being alive and able to remember anything). porter (pa-pa) and pauline (ma-ma) lived in albion, indiana.

after spending a few years learning to walk, speak, and throw things, i attended a private kindergarten most of the school year in staunton, virginia, and finished the school year in public kindergarten in berea (near cleveland), ohio. in 1971 i started the first grade at houghton elementary school in the saline, michigan school district. i was transferred to jensen elementary in the midst of second grade when my family moved across town. i went on to attend every other school saline had at the time - union school, saline middle school, and saline high school - as well as one year (half of fourth and fifth grades) at monfort elementary school in shelby township, michigan. to wrap things up, in 1983 i graduated from forest hills central high school in cascade (near grand rapids), michigan. as buildings go, union school was the oldest and the coolest.

obviously my parents were not averse to moving.

i spent a few years off and on at the university of michigan in the early 80s. i lived in couzens hall as a freshman in the 1983/1984 school year, and in private housing the rest of the time. eventually i gave up on school to my own relief, that of the staff/faculty of the university, and my parents' bank account. after a short stint working for inacomp's ann arbor store, i worked for the university of michigan for about 9 years. the direction of cash flow was much better working there than going to school there. during this time i lived at many different ann arbor addresses. i moved to seattle, wa christmas 1997, and have worked for several employers in seattle, including uswest,, isilon systems, and lion, inc.

currently i am living in bowie, maryland.

i have been known by several evil and despicable monikers in my time, including "mad chuck", "charclarius" (thankfully short-lived), and "charlé". i've also had many email addresses over the years; most notably i used the email address prior to that i used variations of cmc or, and in the dark ages i used or, where "something" was probably "charles.clark" or "charles_clark".

if you think i am the charles clark you are looking for (probably not; odds are low), you may try to contact me.